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Leo Nigro CTO of CUSA (AKA BigBenAussie) has admitted that CUSA's "CommodoreOS" contains a script that rips the ROM files from Cloantos Amiga Forever package for use with CUSA's CommodoreOS... Surprised

CTO Of CUSA Admits To Promoting & Enabling Piracy...

Wow talk about not being afraid of legal action or worried about piracy... Shocked

Even if you own AmigaForever the distribution licence for the ROMs only allows you to use them with AmigaForever, so here we have CUSA providing/ selling a piece of software that enables piracy of part of another companies commercially available product in their OS that will rip these ROM files to use illegally with their CommodoreOS...

Never thought I'd say this but, good for you CUSA, it's high time the robbers at Cloanto got screwed for monopolising the distribution of these old ROM files... Drink

Now if Cloanto don't pursue legal action against CUSA then it's time for me to put the Amiga ROM files back on the net again and tell Cloanto to go fuck themselves after they complained about it the last time, if their quite happy to allow others to sell products that enable piracy/ illegal use of some of Cloanto's commercial products...

Hooray Free & easily available Amiga Kickstart ROM images will soon be available for download from this site very soon... Hooray

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie
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Absolute Beginner
Absolute Beginner
Amiga Forever is not included with the Amiga Mini. Not even the Value Edition which is $10 end user cost. Now that's a new definition of cheap if I ever saw one. I thought Amiga Forever was going to come with all their machines.

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do you love that website?  you post many a time regarding that


wowowow I fo0und above powsters friends on google tooo!   can share many a drinks!  wodka more time!



I'm not surprised...


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
It seems everyone's at amiga.org right now (cussing about you-know-what), this place is sooo quiet right now ... Smilie

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I not like CUSA anymore..  I believe they are the bad man now!!

Dont you agree? No?    Did you Wokda weekend did you? 


you think not cusa supporter located here ??  if they pirate yes?

I enjoy very much wodka weekend is approach!  wowowieee!

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