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Go down  DizzyEaster.slave [Page 1 of 1]

1Happy DizzyEaster.slave on 23/4/2012, 16:45


Absolute Beginner
Absolute Beginner
Hi Franko, Smilie

I tried your DizzyEaster.slave with these coverdisks

Amiga Action - Issue xx - Easter Eggstravaganza Starring Dizzy & Sink Or Swim (19xx)(Europress Interactive)(UK) 396 Kb
Amiga Action - Issue xx - Easter Eggstravaganza Starring Dizzy (19xx)(Europress Interactive)(UK)[h] 212 Kb

But none of them seem to contain the correct data for the .slave you made.

DOS-Error #205
(object not found)
on reading "Easter.Code.".

That is the WHDLoad output.

The two main files for the Easter Dizzy game see to be "Dizzy" and "fast.bin" on those coverdisks.

My only guess is you extracted data from within the original files for your .slave or I've got the wrong game for this .slave rofl

Any help would be appreciated. Smilie

2Happy Re: DizzyEaster.slave on 24/4/2012, 02:10


Hi Whitesnake... Smilie

Welcome to the Crapper, think your our first heavy metal fan here but I won't hold that against you... Very Happy

Not sure where you got the slave file from as I can't remember making it available !!! and it's been so long since I even looked at that game that I don't recall which magazine or coverdisk it came from (must be going senile)... Crazy

Anywhoo, here's the version that the slave file was written for (Including the slave), this one should work no problem... Smilie

Dizzy Easter Eggstravaganza (download)...

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

3Happy Re: DizzyEaster.slave on 25/4/2012, 02:34


Absolute Beginner
Absolute Beginner
Thanks Franko.

I did try it with WHDLoad 17.1 but it doesn't work unfortunately, WHDLoad outputs this error:

Function 'resload_LoadFile' called with illegal
file specification 'SAV:HIghScores'.
Must not start/end with '/' and most not contain '//' or ':'.

I guess some new character rules have been made in later WHDLoad versions which makes it incompatible.

The good news is that it works with JST v4.8 using it's WHDLoad emulation. Smilie

There is a mediafire archive on the web that contains I think maybe all your .slaves you wrote for WHDLoad. The Amiga community likes to preserve everything. Very Happy

This is probably a long shot but you didn't make a .slave for this game by any chance?

The WHDLoad team don't make .slaves with cracked copies and I can't get it to run on an A1200 HD Sad

Thanks again. Smilie

4Happy Re: DizzyEaster.slave on 25/4/2012, 03:00


Thanks for that info... Smilie

It was written a long time ago for version 10.4 of WHDLoad and runs fine with that version... Smilie

The highest version of WHDLoad I use is Ver 16.8 as all the versions up to that one run every game I have for the Amiga so I've never seen the point in going up to Ver 17...

Now that I know it has problems with the high score save files I won't be bothering with Ver 17 either, seems a silly thing to change in it as this would affect a lot of older made slave files (maybe it's a bug)...

Forgot about the Mediafire uploads I did a couple of years back (definitely gone senile). I've never made a slave file for the game "Pop-Up" as I only ever played it once then forgot about it. So, sorry but I doubt I will be writing one either but then you never know... Wink

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

5Happy Re: DizzyEaster.slave on 25/4/2012, 23:59


Absolute Beginner
Absolute Beginner
That's a shame as the WHDLoad team need more .slave authors these days. Smilie

Maybe you could create a very basic dummies guide on how to make a simple .slave for games, software/tools required etc.

If you can be bothered. Very Happy No pressure. Wink

I do have one more request though, do you still have your .slave for Lemmings including the data files? and does it work with Oh No More Lemmings too?

Thanks again. Smilie

6Happy Re: DizzyEaster.slave on 26/4/2012, 08:58


@ Whitesnake

Here's all the Lemmings stuff you should need... Wink

Lemmings Stuff...

And here are the different versions of WHDLoad you would need to use all of my slave files... Smilie

WHDLoad Versions...

All archives are packed with LZX not LHA as LZX is better and can handle LHA archives so if you haven't got it on yer miggie you should download it from Aminet...

The way all my games are set up to run with my "Amiga Games Selecter" means that they all contain a small script file to launch them, this takes care of allowing me to use different versions of WHDLoad, set up needed assigns for saved games etc... and make it possible for me to have all my games stored wherever I want them and have the all the saved games/ high scores stored wherever I want them...

DizzyEaster.slave AmigaGamesSelecter01

I have too many thousands of games set up in this way to change them now and anyway it makes playing and adding games to my collection a lot easier, check out the "PlayGame" script files that each game has to see what you need to edit to set things up properly for you to run...

I may at some time write some more slave files but as games are not a big part of the Amiga to me it takes quite a bit to motivate me to do so, that's the reason why I never released my games selecter util either, as it would mean writing a very long explanation of how to set everything up properly and I'm just too lazy to do so... Neutral

Writing slaves or HD loaders is easy enough for me but it would be just too much work trying to do a tutorial on it as it requires tons of different methods and a fair bit of knowledge how to crack, track down loading code, fix bugs, track down save routines etc... and would be beyond the scope of me to make a tutorial that would be of any use to anyone, so that ones definitely out of the question... Sad

The only thing I can suggest it to look at the source code for my slave files and try and work it out from there but like I say you really need to have a good knowledge of how & where to look for the loading routines in a game to be able to make a slave file. I taint easy but it can be done with a lot of time, learning and patience... Smilie

If you've got any questions then feel free to ask but sometimes it may just no be possible to provide an answer without the reader having a good understanding of assembler or about "cracking" games... Smilie

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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