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1FUKKIN HARD DRIVE! Empty FUKKIN HARD DRIVE! on 5/6/2012, 03:01


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
So I dropped by my parent's today and while I was there filled up my external USB drive with Gb's of data.
Remember that Cartoon, Home Made Movies? Well I got the 1st three seasons of that as well as a few cool Castlevania clones for use with DOSbox, and some tools and instructions to assist me with the palette manipulation for the Alien Breed 3D total conversion for the BOOM engine.

On top of that I had at least 2Gb of data from my previous downloads and work.

Well, I come home and magically Windows does not see but 2 of the many files I had added to the drive, so I drive back to town to check my parent's computer and as I thought, I had not left the files on their drive.

I come back home to run some diagnostics on the drive to hopefully recover the files, but now the drive don't detect at all.

I put it on another computer... same thing.

So in a fit of rage I threw the drive at the all, only to smack dead straight into the Dell MultiSync monitor that I use with my Amigas. A very expensive and hard to find monitor at that. :/


What was that that Buddha said about attachment again?

Only a fool doesn't know that new technologies always produce winners and losers. And there is nothing illogical about loser resistance. Bill Gates who is of course a winner, knows this. And because he is no fool, his propaganda continuously implies that computer technology can bring harm to no one. Well that's the way of winners, they want losers to be grateful and enthusiastic and best best of all, to be unaware that they are losers. - Neil Postman

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