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Go down  BREAKING NEWS: Frankomania Hit's (Yet Again)... [Page 1 of 1]


The Brain Dead Without A Life Once Again Follow The Life Of Franko... rofl

It's enough to keep the Psychiatric and Human Behaviour specialists in employment for life, gawd knows how many books they could write on the subject (there's probably a movie in there too)... Crazy

Frankomania is a terminal and lifelong affliction for those who suffer from it. Sadly there is no known cure and once a person whom has allowed themselves to become afflicted by this self inflicted obsession that takes over their everyday lives and very being, the prognosis is I'm afraid not very good for them... Crying or Very sad

The main symptoms are as follows and are very easy to spot...

The self afflicted patient, will forever post on Amiga forums endlessly about... cyclops

How old they thing Franko is...
How long they think he's been using Amiga computers...
How they think he's not really Scottish...
How they think he can never have lived all those years without the internet (that's the hardest one for them to grasp)...

and everything else in between from How often does Franko fart to does Franko brush his teeth before bedtime... Rolling Eyes

It's a sad (but funny) affliction to observe, a bit like watching a Tourettes sufferer only the shouting and screaming of a Tourettes sufferer makes much more sense than those suffering from Frankomania... Very Happy

Happily for society in general though you are very unlikely ever to meet one of the afflicted in person, as they tend to sit in a darkened room all their lives scouring the net 24/7 looking for anything with the word Franko in it or anything their warped little minds think they can remotely connect to the work Franko so that they can post their latest finds on the net and then gibber endlessly amongst themselves that their latest find must be true cos they read it on the net and the thing they read is usually written by one of their fellow sufferers... rofl

If you ever do by some misfortune happen across one of the afflicted (you know,if you a fall down a long dark hole and end up in wonderland or end up in the loony bin) then be kind to the poor wee souls, after all even though it's self inflicted they were human at one point in time and that gibbering, raving loony tune you bumped into still has feelings somewhere deep down inside... Sad

On the other hand, if you don't wanna do that then do as I do, wind em up and rip the piss right out of the sad little buggers, much more fun and thoroughly enjoyable... rofl

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
Yeah tell me about it! I too find myself often wondering how many times that old geezer Franko wanks in a day bounce
Very Happy

A1200 Blizzard PPC - D-Box tower **MediatorTX+Voodoo3+OS3.9 (BoingBag powered)**


You know something, I can believe that statement 100%...

Tis a strange place indeedee Amigaland... Wink

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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