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Go down  A-EON: The False Gawds & Self Proclaimed Saviours Of Amiga [Page 1 of 1]


A-EON: The False Gawds & Self Proclaimed Saviours Of Amiga !!!

Not quite sure where this bizarre fantasy land is in which seems to reside a small group, a very small group of highly vocal but obviously devoid of all reality followers of these new false gawds and self proclaimed saviours live but... it sure as hell can't be on this planet or reality...  Surprised

With headlines like this... "A-EON Interview about Amiga's future - Distrita" then it's time to dispel once and for all the crackpot and lets be honest just downright false claims being made by these self proclaimed saviours of the "Amiga" and more so their blind, fanatical and brain dead followers...  Crazy

Hmmm... I say "Amiga" but the reality is they actually have nothing to with the "Amiga" as shall be made clear...  Wink

If you haven't read the article in question then here's the link and I'd recommend you do so first... WARNING: Contains Utter Bullshit  Surprised

Lets start at the beginning and clear up the actual very misleading "Headline"... "A-EON Interview about Amiga’s future" !!!

Ok, firstly A-EON don't hold "the future" of the Amiga, that "future" is still as it always has been since the demise of Commodore & Escom/ Gateway saga quite firmly in the hands of actual Amiga users whom are the ones whom keep the Amiga and it's name alive... NOT some newbie company called A-EON or Trevor Dickinson (who he you ask) whom DON'T actually own anything genuinely Amiga to sell let alone manufacture nor sell Amiga computers. Oh they'd like to convince you they do but legally, technically and in reality they DON'T...

Hyperion and OS4, yes they made a version of OS4 that could run on areal Amiga equipped with a PPC card but OS4 is and never was an officially sanctioned OS for running on Amiga computers... again they will try to convince you otherwise but the fact is it's not...

Sure Trevor Dickinson says in the article that A-EON has QUOTE:"has no relationship with the original Commodore company.", but that doesn't stop him & A-EON taking part in such "interviews" with misleading "headlines" that try to make out for all appearances that somehow A-EON is in some capacity officially the new face/ owners of the "Amiga" nor prevent him/ A-EON from correcting his/ their fanboys that what they are calming about A-EON is in fact bullshit...

Here's the thing, you have to try and ignore the tiny like I said before very tiny number of people/ fanboys whom try to portray on the internet that "NG" users are the majority of "Amiga" users, firstly they aren't Amiga users as there is no such thing as an "NG Amiga" that is just FACT... though they'll argue till blue in the face that there is despite what the actual FACTS of the matter are. They are simply crazed loons making up figures and fantasies in their heads and trying to convince themselves as well as the world that they are Amiga users despite the fact the systems they claim are Amigas never have been & never will be... why do they do it and obsess over it so much , gawd only knows but I genuinely think most of them really are just the crazy misfits of society with nothing much better to do... ;-)

Anywhoo when you see misleading and to be frank just plain dishonest "headlines" and articles such as that regarding A-EON, Hyperion or Cloanto and be they made or sanctioned by those companies themselves or just the fanatical delusional fanboys on their behalf just remember the following actual facts about the Amiga and the reality of the entire Amiga scene/ saga... :-)


FACT: The only range of Amiga computers ever made were those manufactured and sold by Commodore/ Amiga Technologies and for a short time Escom & Gateway...

FACT: There is no such thing as an "NG Amiga", there are computers systems that through a degree of emulation and other OS's run some Amiga software on them via emulation but there is legally, technically and most important in reality no such thing as an "NG Amiga computer system"...

FACT: A-EON & Hyperion hold no official nor legal status or right to claim their products are "official Amiga" products. They will throw out nonsense at you about proclaimed "licences" they have but those licences were acquired whether directly or indirectly from a company that when it comes to the "Amiga" it's rights, licences, IP it claims to own/hold is as has been proven more often than not to be dubious to say the least... and none of even those dubious licences issued give anyone the right to manufacture and sell a computer system that can be called "Amiga"... I won't even mention the "rights" Cloanto now claim to hold these days regarding the Amiga as they have already been proven in the past to quite simply lie about such claims...

FACT: A-EON & Trevor Dickinson's claims about buying up rights/ sources/ licences to old Amiga software including software that was previously in the public domain and the attempts by him/ they (A-EON) to make out that they are somehow keeping the Amiga alive by doing so, is quite honestly laughable and disgusting. For decades now the ones whom have kept the Amiga alive and still do are the countless software creators old and new whom have continually written software for the Amiga and place the vast majority of it in the public domain or as shareware on sites like Aminet. Those are and always have been and continue to be the people whom have kept the Amiga scene alive software wise with their hard and given freely work NOT A-EON and their pathetic claims to be the saviours/future of the Amiga (even if those claim are mostly made by crackpot fanboys whom A-EON don't discourage from making such false claims on their behalf) ...

FACT: And probably the most important FACT of all... NEVER take seriously nor even with the merest hint of actually believing anything so called "NG Amiga" fanboys say regarding their "NG" systems and their crackpot claims that they are  "Amiga" computer systems as the FACT is they are the craziest most delusional members of society for whom FACTS are an inconvenience, reality is an unknown factor to them and well, they really are as dumb and sad as their madcap endless rambling make them sound... (they are amusing though in sad sort of way)... ;-)

PS: If you wanna have a real good laugh and insight into the bizarre working of your typical "NG" fanboys warped mind then read this thread, I would put down your coffee first before clicking on this link cos you're most likely to splutter it all over your keyboard with laughter once you begin to read these little gems from the twilight zone...  Laughing

PPS: It's kinda sad and scary though to think that these loons are free to roam in society...  Shocked

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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