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1Kidneys Empty Kidneys 29/1/2012, 04:22


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
So I'm laying here in a hotel room that my mom and I are sharing.

My father is 4 or so miles down the road, laying in good health in a hospital bed, just one day after his kidney transplant. Smilie

We have been waiting 2 years for this kidney. He's been running on one kidney since he was 16, and the other was below 14% full capacity, for which reason he's had a machine detoxify his system for him.

We have had two potential kidneys fall through in the past and time was runnin out.
Then one day at an auction or antique show (I forget which), he began talking to the guy in the booth next to him. They began to hit it off and by day two were talking as good friends (typical of my dad, he's very charismatic). Eventually the man found out that my dad needed a kidney, so he asked for my dad's # and told him he'd like to see if he could be a donar.

Well, long story short, a few months later and here we are!

And get this, all the guy asks is for compensation for his week or two off work.

How's that for happy go lucky? Wink

2Kidneys Empty Re: Kidneys 29/1/2012, 07:14


Aint it amazing what you can pick up at an auction... Surprised

Joking aside... that's neat and I hope everything turns out well for your Dad... Smilie

Just goes to show, even to an auld cynic like me, there are still some decent people left in this world after all... Cool

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

3Kidneys Empty Re: Kidneys 29/1/2012, 13:38


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
Ditto! Smilie

Only a fool doesn't know that new technologies always produce winners and losers. And there is nothing illogical about loser resistance. Bill Gates who is of course a winner, knows this. And because he is no fool, his propaganda continuously implies that computer technology can bring harm to no one. Well that's the way of winners, they want losers to be grateful and enthusiastic and best best of all, to be unaware that they are losers. - Neil Postman

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