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Go down  Will We Ever See Anything New Again Or Has It All Been Done Before !!! [Page 1 of 1]


Like the title says, has everything already been done in our lives that leaves us with nothing genuinely new in our "technological" lives to ever say WOW and be amazed at again... Question

What I mean is during my lifetime their have been two events (with regard to technology) that have changed my life and have made me say WOW and that have become an everyday part of my life... Smilie

Those two things were Home Computers and Video Recorders... Smilie

Why only two you may ask... Well when I was a kid & even a teenager home computers simply didn't exist and nor did video recorders. These are the only two genuine things that have appeared during my lifetime that simply weren't there before but have became an everyday part of my life and I have to say I'm glad they did and that I was there to experience the excitement and the wow factor of experiencing these things for the first time... Smilie

What about CD's, Mobile phones etc... you may say, well CD's, MP3's and the like weren't really "new" in that they were just a different way you listened to music instead of from old vinyl records and Mobile phones are just a "cordless" evolution of the telephone, both of which were always already there during my lifetime...

Home computers and the good old video recorder simply were not, there was a point in my lifetime where these things didn't exist and so are the only two things that came along and actually changed my lifestyle... Smilie

Sadly for more than two decades now there has been nothing that has come along that simply wasn't there before and made me say WOW and changed my life on a day to day basis... Sad

Therefore I ask, has it all been done already and there is nothing new left to come along make us say WOW and become a part of our everyday lives that quite simply dosn't exist yet.. Exclamation

Will we ever experience again that excitement and WOW factor of being there at the introduction of something totally new that goes on to become an everyday part of out lives again or have we seen it all already... Surprised

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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