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Seems John Shepard has taken his burst ball and gone home in a cream puff...  Shocked


Mr Shepard can now be contacted at...

email: CrazySquidInAnEightArmedStraightJacket@TheRonnieRaygunHomeForTheTerminallyBewildered

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie
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Seems John Shepard has really lost the plot... WTF

Erm... no one said or though it was hacked... We KNOW you took your ball and went home in a cream puff...  clown

rofl  Ratty was doing a lot of complaining about the crazy "moderation" suddenly being done on Teh Moo and a few of us suggested he start up his own site then if he wasn't happy but no one was trying to "steal" Teh Moo...  Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

That bit about "darknet" is totally LOONY TUNES, if your going to delete a thread then delete it completely, don't leave it so that anyone simply doing a search can still find the thing. It's not stealing something by simply replying to a post/ thread that you didn't delete properly... you nutcase...  Rolling Eyes

Watch out for them black helicopters and put your tin file hat back on with stronger underpant elastic... oh yeah and keep taking cyclops the tablets...

PS: Hurry back would you cos auld Red is one valium away from exploding as he's got no where now to vent is OS4 hatred and conspiracy theories...  Bah or Meh

PPS: NEWSFLASH: Usage of Links has taken a tumble in recent days as B-CNet has nowhere to SPAM now...   What\'s Your Point

PPPS: I hear Kenny has had to go out into the real world with a soapbox for the fist time in 17 years to warn people about the dangers of living...  Pancakes

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie
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