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Go down  Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... [Page 1 of 1]


This thread on I'm happy to say shows that finally someone in Amigaland finally gets what I have been telling you all for the past two freekin years... Hooray

Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... AtLast01

Digiman Sees The Light...

Cloanto have been the biggest grave robbers and preventing (illegally) the use of Amiga Kickstart ROM images for ages now. This was proven when they illegally had my copies of the Kickstart ROMS removed from Mediafire and my former site hosts legal dept challenged them over this and Cloanto failed to provide the required evidence of any rights to the Kickstart ROM image file and slinked away with their tales between their legs... mad

Of course because as Tedd Gallion said "Cloanto is a very good friend of and I don't want you upsetting them" this was all brushed under the carpet on as neither Tedd and especially Cloanto wanted Amiga users to know they were illegally monopolising the Kickstart ROM images for themselves... Mad As Hell

I should have sued the arse of Cloanto (and maybe still will) but to be honest they are not worth the bother... Rolling Eyes

Anywhoo, even though the Copyright for the code in Kickstart ROM images may well still be active (as it's not a trademark issue) no-one who may actualy own that copyright seems to care about them anymore (or have done for a long, long time), the only ones pretending they had rights to them were Cloanto but I proved that was not the case quite some time ago... Wink

The point is (even though it's taken someone two years to grasp what I have been saying) is that no-one especially, CUSA or Cloanto have any rights left that they falsely claim to do and really it's open season for anyone who really wants to use almost everything Amiga... Smilie

There is only one Amiga Trademark still live and it only covers Computers, Computer Disk Drives, Ram Expansion Cartridges, Computer Monitors & Computer Modems...
Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... AmigaTm03

Trademarks are very explicit in what they cover and if it's not included on your application and on the final document then you aren't covered for it, no exceptions... Wink

Just wonder why it has taken the Amiga community so damn long to realise this when the answers have been out there all this time for anyone to find... Exclamation

Oh well... better late than never I suppose... Very Happy

But will these ones who are forever vocal on the subject actually get off their arses this time and do something about it... Surprised

I suppose it's nice to see some members of the Amiga community actually thinking for themselves but probably like most things posted by Amiga users, that's all it'll amount to, a few posts full of good intentions but after a few days it's all forgotten and their back to gibbering about iPhones and such like... hopefully this time they'll prove me wrong... Wink

Only time will tell I suppose but isn't that always the case in Amigaland... Wink

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


Me no understand what you say..   Amiga lovely should be free for all 

Wodka Wodka!  Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548 Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548 Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548 Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548 Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548 Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548 Finally Someone On Amiga.Org Gets It... 3312119548  better!

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