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AmigaKit / A-EON Fanboys: Are They Really So Pathetic !!!

It's funny, well actually not so "Funny" as in "Ha hHa" more funny in that manner that makes you grin and grimace, shake your head and roll you eyes up towards the ceiling when you read the rabid lame feigned disgust & overblown exaggerations of those delicate little creatures that are the AmigaKit & A-Eon fanboys...  Rolling Eyes

Take a look at this perfectly innocent thread over on Amigaworld,net, where someone asks a perfectly reasonable question of a commercial company and does so in perfectly reasonable manner...  Surprised

Now all he asked and questioned as it would seem many others do too, is why does Amigakit/ A-Eon have in prominence a list of software on their online App for buying software most of them marked as "TBA" and not just for short periods of time but for rather long periods of time from a potential customers point of view...  Question

Perfectly reasonable question to ask of a business that's looking to take potential customers money... after all they aint a charity or doing it for free out of the goodness of their hearts...

But wait... cry the delicate little AmigaA-EonShit fanboys in complete feigned outrage, how dare you insult, put down, degrade or even discuss or question in public this almighty company whom make your life worth living (well that last bit is they way it seems some of these brain dead fanboys seem to see AmigaA-EonShit) but the answer to the fannyboys is simple...  cyclops

Because they are a business, they are in it to make money, sure it's not a lot of money but they are still only doing so to make money and not running themselves as a charity or doing people personal favours for free as the fanny boys would try and make us believe. They own and as part of that business and as such it is perfectly reasonable and indeed should be expected that their customers or potential customers should be free to ask questions of them there in regard to their business and the potential money those potential customers may be spending with them...  Wink

They whine, they bitch, they insult people though (the fannyboys that is) over anything that isn't blind praise for AmigaA-EonShit even completely harmless enquiries such as the one in that thread and then after feigning their horror & disgust they then show their true colours and sheer hypocrisy by insult the person whom dared to ask a question or make an enquiry of the almighty AmigaA-EonShit... sad thing is they aint as delicate and so over easily offended as they like to pretend to be but are in fact just some of the saddest most pathetic specimens ever to infest this planet...  Puke

Funny innit how although AmigaA-EonShit own both and and you can see when they are online they tend to ignore for as long as possible perfectly legit and reasonable question asked of them regarding the business they are running and potential money they might make form customers when they as it would seem perceive those perfectly reasonable and valid question as some sort of slight, insult or even just "how dare you ask us that"... as in this example...  Rolling Eyes

Gawd I'd really love to slap round the head with a wet fish every single one of these sad, pathetic, hypocritical, pretending to be insulted and full of mock outrage whining little AmigA-EonShit fannyboys if I ever met them but I wouldn't have to, all I'd have to say is something like "AmigA-EonShit isn't a very professionally run company is it ???" and watch as the little fannyboys runs of screaming blue murder into the distance while splashing through the pools of piss running down his legs...  Very Happy

Seriously... where the feck do they find these imbeciles and why feck does only Amigaland seem to attract these rejects of humanity !!!  Bah or Meh

PS: I love this quote from Amigakit in response to the first question asked...

QUOTE: AmigaKit On
" I suspect you do not realise how much work and effort it is to manage software projects in your spare time. Remember, my day job is AmigaKit and at home, I work on the AMIStore project, amongst countless other A-EON related tasks."

Erm... wait... WHAT !!! "Spare Time" !!!

Isn't AmigaKit/  A-Eon "App Store" part of the actual business of said companies and not some "spare time" little sideline someone at aforementioned companies is running and trying to make a few quid on the side with and not putting it through the books...   Question Question Question

My gawd, the (mock) shock, the (feigned) horror if it is....  Shocked

Hmmm... Wonder if the tax and VAT man knows about this...   Twisted Evil

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