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Go down  MorphOS Fanboys (all 3 of em) HiJack Thread As Usual ... [Page 1 of 1]


rofl MorphOS Fanboys (all 3 of em) HiJack Thread As Usual... Crazy

Always get a good laugh when the broken down android Piru (he runs on a flaky beta version of MorphOS) and his sad cult followers (Kesa & takemehomegranma (please take him home)) feel so threatened by the A-EON X1000 they have to HiJack a thread that's not even about MorphOS just to try and make sure their beloved MorphOS doesn't fall any further into the realms of obscurity... Smilie

Of course Piru has to bring out some home made graphs that he drew with his bestest box of crayons then digitised using an old C64 to desperately try to impress those who like colourful things (Kesa)... Very Happy

Shame the MorphOS loony tunes just can't accept the fact that their beloved OS is the one amongst all the "Amiga" OS's that has least in common with the Amiga and just be happy with that... Puke

But hey, they may be sad desperate gits clinging on by their fingernails to just wanting to be accepted as being even remotely called an Amiga user but even I have to give them an A for effort as they slide off into oblivion... Very Happy

EDIT: ooops forgot about wittle Iggy wiggy... Surprised Make that 4 MorphOS Fanboys (just use your imagination and change the 3 to a 4)... Smilie

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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