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1Question Sex, Lies & VideoGames... on 30/1/2012, 03:20


The latest episode of AmigaRoundTable hosted by Rich Lawrence (MobbyG) has en exclusive interview with owner Tedd Gallion...

Ok... so the "Sex" bit was just a promo for Rich's radio show at the end and a couple of mentions of Spanish lesbians... Embarassed

and the VideoGames bit was not really there at all (but you can play video games on the Amiga)... Embarassed

but the "Lies" bit was erm... just one but it was still a Lie nonetheless... Wink

Listen To It, Then Read The Full Truth Here...

ART #53: Transition Speaks...

Right... if you haven't fell into a coma by now after listening to Tedd G's monotonous voice and absolute underwhelming lack of enthusiasm for all things Amiga, then lets do a post mortem on this wee bit of audio broadcast history... cyclops

Bill Panagouleas (Pyromania) on "Aladdin 4D" for OS4.X...

QUOTE: "It's ultimate fate is up to me... I'm not a C programmer... When they're done with it that's when it will be available... The Mac version is very, very close... It just take time... computers can't program themselves"... Rolling Eyes

To John from Toronto who asked the question... don't think that helped much did it...

Now to Teddy boy himself, have to say hearing him in the flesh (so to speak) was somewhat surprising, poor guy sounds like a manic depressive who's going through a really, really bad patch (must be the curse of Amiga)...

In answer to the question... "Why is no one allowed to mention the name Tedd Gallion on"...

Tedd Says... "If someones talking about me I get curious..." What\'s Your Point

Erm... you publicly announced a few years back you were buying the site (and did so), kinda dumb not to expect people to mention your name in association with it...

How do you have people address you in real life, in public or especially in business "I would like to introduce Mr X who's here for a business meeting or here for your birthday party, sorry but we cant mention his name cos it make him uncomfortable"...

In answer to the question... "Will you admit or categorically deny that you were willing to sell the site to Franko in 2011"...

Tedd Says... "The site has never been for sale in the few years I've owned it... A million dollars is my price for the website..." CRAP

Bullshit... I still have the PM's & Emails from you at DiscreetFX HQ (which can easily be traced) when you were willing to sell the site to me first for $100,000, then for $60,000 and finally for the price I offered £18,500...

So apart from lying in public and now claiming you would sell for a million bucks, methinks your anti depressant drugs are having an adverse affect on your brain... time for an urgent visit to the shrink for you methinks...

In answer to the question... "On average, how much does site traffic increase when a CUSA thread is on the front page"...

Tedd Says... "As long as I'm the owner those statistics aren't available to the public..." WTF

No need to answer it anyway.... I know, you know & the whole ruddy world knows site traffic increases significantly and that's why you personally keep bumping CUSA threads onto the front page and even starting CUSA threads yourself... Wink

In answer to the most important question... "Why do squirrels taste like yellow"...

Tedd Says.... "..." Pancakes

So I guess no one could answer that one... Sad

PS:Rich, Yellow tastes a wee bit like the sound mushrooms make and not green at all... Very Happy

Well, there you have it, Rich's broadcasting career just hit skid row thanks to having the most boring sounding guest ever on his show... Crying or Very sad

If you managed to listen to it all the way to the end without doing a Rip-Van Winkle and ending up comatose, then your either hyperactive , an insomniac or clinically insane (think Tedd G's voice is either the cure for insomnia or maybe the cause of mass suicide)...Bah or Meh

In Memory Of Rich Lawrence Broadcast Career... Killed By Tedd "Bundy" Gallion... Sunday 29th January 2012... R.I.P... Shocked

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

2Question Re: Sex, Lies & VideoGames... on 30/1/2012, 03:51


Absolute Beginner
Absolute Beginner
Ouch! LOL
Just in case anyone is wonder, I found Franko's memorial of my broadcasting career very insightful and right on. You can only play rock music for so long.. LOL

Sex, Lies & VideoGames... 3905069595

3Question Re: Sex, Lies & VideoGames... on 30/1/2012, 04:00


I had to listen to 6 times to get all the quotes right... Zzz

PS: Three of me squirrels fell out of the tree, they didn't get hurt though... they were already comatose when they toppled off the branch... rofl

PPS: If "Mr X" does come back you really should issue a health warning before the broadcast... clown

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

4Question Re: Sex, Lies & VideoGames... on 30/1/2012, 04:14


Absolute Beginner
Absolute Beginner
I'll recommend he drink an IrnBru or Monster energy drink.. Smilie

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