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Came to the conclusion (honestly this time) that 97% of all current Amiga "Fans" are total and utter arseholes who haven't a freakin clue about what the Amiga is... Crazy

Notice I said "Fans" and not users... Wink

That's because most of them don't even own or use an Amiga anymore and think that running an Amiga emulator on a PC somehow makes them an Amiga user... Rolling Eyes

The dumbest thing these anuses keep coming out with (and they have been doing it for years or decades so it seems) is the absolute blatant gobshite they gibber about how the Amiga should be X86 or PPC and it should be running Linux, AROS, MorphOS, WinAUE blah... blah... blah... Zzz

Ahem... in case you dumb fuckers hadn't realised by now what you are forever rattling yer wallies about isn't an Amiga of the future your describing, it's just another dumb arsed PC running an Amiga emulator... you know, the kind of stuff CUSA want's to sell and you all whine and bitch about... Razz

Dunno when it happened but most of the folk in the so called Amiga community today (even some of the ones who have been there from the beginning) are the biggest load of greetin faced shites and clueless retards when it come to anything Amiga... clown

Maybe it's because some of em are quite young (under 35) and never been around a real Amiga to know or understand just why the Amiga is still the best home computer around today and have been brought up with PC's & Macs and therefore think all computers have to be like them to be useful... either that or their just thick as shite or ignorant (hard to tell really)... cyclops

The worst ones though are the total brain dead fuckers who have been around the Amiga as long as I have (since the beginning), not sure but I think when Commodore went belly up part of the sell of was their brain cells and the ability to think for themselves. They go on and on about the Amiga needs to be X86 or PPC, it needs to run MorphOS, AROS, Linux or any other processor or OS they can think of and rattle out speeds and crap that mean so all and just makes them sound like geeks on crack who have forgotten to take their daily injections... Mad As Hell

As you seem to have forgot what makes the Amiga an Amiga I suggest instead of gibbering jobbies about non Amiga stuff you actually dig out your real Amiga or buy one on eBay and just freeking enjoy what is after all the best home computer ever created... Smilie

The Amiga hasn't with the passage of time lost the ability to run all that great software that was made for it, nor has time slowed it down and somehow things run slower on them now. Fer fecks sake stop gibbering shite about what is just another PC running an emulator and use your miggies for what they were made for and still can do to this very day... fun and enjoyment and stop wishing it was just another fuckin P bloody C... Mad As Hell

To Those 97% Of So Called Amiga Fans... Piss Off The Lot Of You Back To PC Land... mad

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The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
As you wish.


Bunders wrote:As you wish.

Methinks Bunders has left the building... Sad

Was it something I said... Surprised

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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