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It's always struck me as to how very odd that a lot of members of the Amiga community that are active on the various forums these days seem to perceive that for some bizarre reason the only people still left using Amigas are based solely upon the number of users visiting/ using Amiga forums... Crazy

It's a really strange, highly flawed and totally inaccurate way to guess let alone gauge how many folk still use Amigas right up to this very day... Surprised

Without going into the exact figures & details (as those are always debatable) lets just use the average/ typical figures that are available to show why basing the amount of active Amiga users solely on those who use Amiga forums is & always has been pointless and wrong... Smilie

How many Amigas were ever sold of all models 3 to 5 million and how many of those who ever bought one actually joined an Amiga forum...

Based on the figures given by of about 9 and half thousand and on of nearly 5 thousand then that amounts to less the 0.4% of all potential Amiga users out there if you calculate it on the middle figure of 4 million Amigas sold...

Yes, I know those membership figures are far from accurate, with the vast majority of those members not being active anymore but the point is, even in the heyday of the Amiga and when those sites were at their busiest then even if all the members were active at one point in time, the total number of people those sites represented never amounted to more than 0.4% of all the Amigas ever sold... Wink

Even if you took out the number of people owning two or more of all Amigas sold and adjusted the figures accordingly, no matter which way you look at it, the number of members even at it's height of all Amiga forums added together never once represented any more than 1% of the actual number of Amiga users out there...

So for those of you who reckon you can calculate or even guess the number of Amiga users still around by basing it on Amiga forums membership numbers, just remember that you and those other members always have and always will only represent a tiny fraction of all the Amiga user still out there or that have ever been... Smilie

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie



The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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