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Go down  Speeding Up Your Amiga With BlizKick On An 060... [Page 1 of 1]


I often see people asking how to use BlizKick and how to get the best performance out of their Bilzzard060 boards on the Amiga. So here is what I use & have done on my A1200's with Blizzard060 boards that save all those precious cpu cycles and gives you the ultimate performance from your Amiga equipped with a Blizzard060 board... Smilie

It's well worth reading everything I reckon as at the end of it you too should have your Amiga with its Blizzard board performing at it's best... Smilie

NOTE: Everything here is based on running Workbench 3.5 or 3.9...

Firstly I'll start of with my actual StartUp-Sequence and User-StartUp just to give you an idea of where things should be placed in them (don't worry you dont need to be concerned with everything in them)...

My Typical Startup-Sequence for Blizzard060 boards...
  • ; $VER: Startup-Sequence_060+Blizkick 1.0 (31.08.06)
    ; Startup-Sequence for hard drive systems

    C:+C/VInfo ;My Virus Checker Prog
    C:+C/SetPattern ;Select Backdrop Picture (F1-F10)
    ; Remove OS 4.0 Partitions
    C:Assign <>NIL: OS0: Dismount
    C:Assign <>NIL: OS1: Dismount
    C:Assign <>NIL: OS2: Dismount
    C:Assign <>NIL: OS3: Dismount
    C:Assign <>NIL: OS4: Dismount
    ; Create Vital OS Dirs
    C:MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards RAM:ENV RAM:ENV/Sys

    Resident >NIL: C:Assign PURE
    Resident >NIL: C:Execute PURE
    ; Create Nessesary Assigns
    Assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:ENV

    Assign >NIL: T: RAM:T
    Assign >NIL: CLIPS: RAM:Clipboards

    Assign >NIL: REXX: S:
    Assign >NIL: PRINTERS: DEVS:Printers
    Assign >NIL: KEYMAPS: DEVS:Keymaps
    Assign >NIL: LOCALE: SYS:Locale
    Assign >NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classes ADD
    Assign >NIL: HELP: LOCALE:Help DEFER
    Assign >NIL: Prefs: SYS:Prefs

    Assign >NIL: C: SYS:C/+C ADD
    Assign >NIL: Devs: SYS:Devs/+Devs ADD
    Assign >NIL: L: SYS:L/+L ADD
    Assign >NIL: Libs: SYS:Libs/+Libs ADD
    Assign >NIL: Prefs: SYS:Prefs/+Prefs ADD

    Path >NIL: RAM: C: SYS:Utilities SYS:Rexxc SYS:System S: SYS:Prefs SYS:WBStartup SYS:Tools SYS:Tools/Commodities add

    Path >NIL: C:+C Devs:+Devs L:+L Libs:+Libs Prefs:+Prefs SYS:System/+System SYS:Tools/+Tools SYS:Utilities/+Utilities add
    ; StartUp Any System Patches
    C:SetPatch <>NIL: SKIPROMUPDATES QUIET ;Standard Amiga Patch
    C:+C/PatchControl.V2.3 ;PatchControl (Controls Any Added Patches)
    C:+C/CMQ060_Move16 ;Patch For 060 Optimised Move
    C:+C/BlazeWCP ;Patches Certain Blitter Routine
    C:+C/FBlit ;FastBlit Patch (Speeds Up Blitter Routines)
    C:+C/FText ;Patch For Faster Text Output
    C:+C/MCP ;MCP (Multiple Patches)
    RUN <>NIL: C:+C/TitleShadow ;Patch (Creates Window Title Shadows)
    ; BLIZZARD 060/PPC RemMap Rom Stuff
    S:Bliz.PPC ;BlizKick Remap ROM 060/PPC
    ; Fast ATA3 Stuff
    FailAt 10

    C:+C/CheckLMB ;Check For Left Mouse Button

    IF WARN ;If Pressed - Run ATA3 Prefs

    C:ATA3.driver NOPART QUIET ;Start ATA3 Driver
    C:Stack 8192
    C:ATA3SetSplit ;Make Primary Slave NOSPLIT
    ; Protect From Writing To These Partitions
    C:Lock <>NIL: Workbench: ON
    C:Lock <>NIL: Store: ON
    C:Lock <>NIL: DH2: ON
    ; Usual Startup Stuff
    C:Version >NIL:
    C:AddBuffers >NIL: DF0: 15
    FailAt 21

    C:Mount >NIL: DEVS:DOSDrivers/~(#?.info)

    IF EXISTS DEVS:Monitors
    IF EXISTS DEVS:Monitors/VGAOnly

    C:List >NIL: DEVS:Monitors/~(#?.info|VGAOnly) TO T:M LFORMAT "DEVS:Monitors/%s"
    Execute T:M
    C:Delete >NIL: T:M

    SetEnv Language "english"
    SetEnv Workbench $Workbench
    SetEnv Kickstart $Kickstart
    UnSet Workbench
    UnSet Kickstart

    C:AddDataTypes REFRESH QUIET

    C:+C/FPprefs ;FullPalette (Sets Up & Locks WB Colours)

    IF EXISTS S:User-Startup
    Execute S:User-Startup


    Run >NIL: C:+C/Birdie ? <ENV:Birdie.Prefs ;Birdie (Window Borders Patch)

    Resident Execute REMOVE
    Resident Assign REMOVE

    C:LoadWB -DEBUG

    Avail <>NIL: FLUSH

    EndCLI >NIL:

    LAB END Just A Jump Label For Testing
    Echo "You Wanted to Stop Here"

My Typical User-StartUp for Blizzard060 boards...
  • Avail <>NIL: FLUSH

    C:+C/BlankIt F ;Switch Off Audio Filter

    ;SYS:System/RexxMast >NIL: ;Start ARexx

    If Exists SYS:MUI ;Start MUI
    Assign MUI: SYS:MUI
    If Exists MUI:Libs
    Assign Libs: MUI:Libs/ add
    Assign Libs: MUI:Libs/MUI/ add
    RUN <>NIL: C:+C/MuiWheelPatch

    Assign <>NIL: INCLUDES: "SYS:Programing/Include/" ;Assign For INCLUDE Files
    Assign <>NIL: FD: "SYS:Programing/FD/" ;Assign For FD Files
    Assign <>NIL: VMEM: T: ;Assign For Virtual Mem
    Assign Disk: "SYS:Art & Graphics/Image Processing/ImageFX V2.6" ;Assign For ImageFX

    S:ScrollOn <>NIL: ;Switch On Mouse Scrolling

    C:WBCtrl IMT=ICONFAST ;Make Icons Only Use Fast Mem

    Assign BAM: RAM:
    Assign SAVES: "Store:Saved Games/"

    Assign <>NIL: S4A: "SYS:Sound & Music/Music Playes/Sid4Amiga/"
    Avail <>NIL: FLUSH

As I say you don't need everything I have in my StartUp-Sequence or User-Startup but I thought it may help to see just exactly how mine are set up... :-)

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

2Cool What you are going to need... on 21/1/2012, 03:04


To get the best out of your Blizzard set up the following is a list of progs/ utils/ modules that your are going to need to set things up properly. Of course you don't need them all (you can choose the one you want to suit your requirements) but I'll list everything I use in case you want to add them all... Smilie

First of course you'll need the excellent BlizKick written by Harry "Piru" Sintonen...
BlizKick Ver 1.24

You will also need the brilliant FBlit by Stephen Brooks...
FBlit Ver 3.79a

Download FText too by Rick Pratt...
FText Ver 1.7

Download CMQ060 by Harry "Piru" Sintonen...
[color=blue]]CMQ060 Ver 1.5d[/url]

Download BlazeWCP By Rick Pratt...
BlazeWCP Ver 1.74

Download MCP By Knoke...
MCP Ver 1.30

Download HSMathLibs by Matthias Henze...
HSMathLibs 060 Ver 46.00

The input.device Ver 50.26 by Ralph Schmidt can be found in the following Poseidon USB Stack Archive (Download PoseidonV4.lha and extract it)...
Poseidon V4 (contains input.device Ver 50.26)

PatchControl Ver 2.3 can be found in the MCP Ver 1.30 archive... ( I use Patchcontrol Ver 2.6 but cant recall where I got it from)... Sad

All the other things used here have been extracted from the Boingbag releases for 3.5 & 3.9 using the extract modules util (so you'll need to download the 3.5 & 3.9 Boingbags to get them and extract the ones you require)...

console.device Ver 44.6
FastFileSystem Ver 45.9
filesystem.resource Ver 45.7
Ram-handler Ver 44.21
RomIDTag Ver 44.26

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


Once you have all the stuff you need downloaded and unarchived into their appropriate drawers eg:-

In the C: drawer...

In the Libs" drawer...

In your BlizKick Modules drawer...
console.device (Con.Dev)
filesystem.resource (FSys.Res.V45.7)
input.device (Inp.Dev.V50.26)
ram-handler (Ram-Hnd.V44.21)
romidtag (Rom.IDTag.V44.26)
FastFileSystem (FFS.V45.9)
Mathieeesingbas.library (msingbasV44.5)
MathFFP.library (MffpV44.5)

(Note: the names in brackets are the names I have given to each of the modules I'm using with BlizKick and have been renamed because when issuing the actual Blizkick command you only have space for 256 characters on the command/ input line. So if you are trying to add lots of modules you need to rename them to shorter filenames or they simply wont all fit !!!)

You will also need a Kickstart 3.1 ROM image if your going to modify the ROM with BlizKick's own modules, this is easy to do and you will find the instructions in the BlizKick docs...

I use a 3.1 Kickstart ROM image that is modified with the following BlizKick Modules, it's up to yourself to decide which if any you want to use...

3.1 ROM Modified with:- HogWaitBlit, SpeedROM, NoClick, FixMath404, PatchMath020, RemCards, Rom Fixes

My 3.1 ROM is also modified further by myself to speed it up by replacing nearly 200 routines in the original ROM that waste precious CPU cycles but I've yet to write a path for other to be able to take advantage of this...

I store my modified Kickstart ROMS in a drawer called:- Devs:Kickstarts/BlizROMS/

I prefer to use the following in my StartUp-Sequence to launch BlizKick...

S:Bliz.PPC ;BlizKick Remap ROM 060/PPC

This is a small script stored in the S: drawer that launches BlizKick and installs the appropriate modules, rom etc...
The reason I use a script instead of actually entering the command directly in the Startup-Sequence is that it allows me to easily test or change the BlizKick modules, ROMs etc... for different purposes...

This is a BlickKick Launch script I wrote & use for My Blizzard060/PPC board called BlizPPC and is located in my S: Drawer...

    FAILAT 10

    Assign <>NIL: BKM: "SYS:Expansion/BlizKick/Modules/"
    Assign <>NIL: Kik: "DEVS:KickStarts/BlizROMS/"

    CD BKM:

    C:BlizKick Kik:ROM3.1.patched extresbuf=110000 Module= FixGetMsg FFS.V45.9 FSys.res.V45.7 ram-hnd.V44.21 Rom.IDTag.V44.26 IntAckFix msingbasV44.5 mffpV44.5 AlertFix QUIET

    Assign <>NIL: BKM: Remove
    Assign <>NIL: Kik: Remove

The above script will launch BlizKick using:-

A 3.1 Kickstart ROM image called ROM3.1.patched from my Devs:KickStarts/BlizROMS/ drawer
Sets an extresbuf of 110,000 bytes (enough memory for all the modules I use)...
And makes resident the following modules/ patches:- FixGetMsg, console.device Ver 44.6, FastFileSystem Ver 45.9, FileSystem.resource Ver 45.7, Input.device Ver 50.26, Ram-Handler Ver 44.21, RomIDTag Ver 44,26, IntAckFix, Mathieeesingbas.library Ver 44.50, Mathffp.library Ver 44.50, AlertFix

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


Hopefully by now you'll have everything downloaded, unarchived and installed into their appropriate drawers...

Now once you have everything installed properly it time to edit the Startup-Sequence with your favourite text editor...

NOTE: It's quite important to place things in the correct order or they wont work, for example FText requires FBlit to work and MUST be placed after FBlit in your StartUp-Sequence...

The following is how I use them and seems to give the best results...

Section of the StartUp-Sequence where to place your new commands.... (basically directly after your SetPatch Command and in the order given below)...


    StartUp Any System Patches

    C:SetPatch <>NIL: SKIPROMUPDATES QUIET ;Standard Amiga Patch

    C:PatchControl.V2.3 ;PatchControl (Controls Any Added Patches)

    C:CMQ060_Move16 ;Patch For 060 Optimised Move

    C:BlazeWCP ;Patches Certain Blitter Routine
    C:FBlit ;FastBlit Patch (Speeds Up Blitter Routines)

    C:FText ;Patch For Faster Text Output

    C:MCP ;MCP (Multiple Patches)
    RUN <>NIL: C:TitleShadow ;Patch (Creates Window Title Shadows)
    ; BLIZZARD 060/PPC BlizKick RemMap Rom Stuff
    S:Bliz.PPC ;BlizKick Remap ROM 060/PPC

Now when you reboot or switch on your Amiga BlizKick and all those excellent little utils/ patches & modules should be up and running and your miggy will be a lot, lot faster for most things... Smilie

You will of course need to set up FBLit and MCP (if you've installed it) using their own prefs editors to your own preferences/ choices but again that is simple enough to do and is explained in the appropriate docs for each util... Smilie

If you're still are not quite sure what to do then feel free to ask but please read everything here and refer to my actual StartUp-Sequence in the first post... Wink

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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