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Go down  Are Amiga Users Really All Insane !!! [Page 1 of 1]


When you look at the behaviour and ramblings of your typical Amiga user on any of the sites/ forums you really have to question their sanity and even whether most of em are living in the real world anymore... Smilie

Things like...

"This can't be done or that can't be done in this day and age" !!!

Erm... why !!!, did they make it illegal that you can't do things that were done in the past or recent past again and face being jailed if you do so !!! Crazy

"We'll post video soon showing product x running any other platform as long as its not the Amiga"...

To which the response is... "Awesome" !!! WTF

"MorphOS has X amount of users based on facts we've made up"...

Response... a bunch of nutters spending days arguing amongst themselves over these figures (and anything else they can think to argue about) while missing the entire point that MorphOS has sod all to do with the Amiga anymore... No

Trolls !!!

Trolls & T rolling seems to be the favourite words amongst Amiga users these days, gawd knows why as most of the diddies don't even realise that these very "Trolls" they are whinging and whining about are actually themselves and the blatant gobshite they drivel on all these forums... Rolling Eyes

Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Tablets, Android and everything else "Non Amiga" seems to be the favoured choice of topics on most AMIGA sites & forums... wonder if these so called Amiga users who post & rattle their wallies about all these things even realise that they aint talking about Amiga's anymore and have been on the net so long that their poor wee brains have been totally cleansed of all things Amiga and they haven't a scooby doo about what their gibbering anymore... Bah or Meh

There may not be a lot of Amiga talk anymore but it's kinda funny and interesting in a strange sort of way, watching all these loony tune ex Amiga users desperately gibber about anything & everything day in and day out, in what seems to be a desperate attempt to communicate with other sad gits and just using the guise of being an Amiga user to do so... cyclops

Strange, strange place Amigaland filled with some very strange peeps... Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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