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Go down  Just Proves What I Always Thought About Most Mac Users... [Page 1 of 1]


Mac Elitist Lost On Moobunny Amiga Section...

Yup it's "that guy", you know the one I'm talking about "that guy"... Wink

Always had a good idea that most Mac users were nothing more than a bunch of elitist snobs and posers using their Macs as some sort of absurd status symbol, thanks to "that guy" for finally proving me right... Smilie

Let see...

Quote: that Guy "For a mac user, you're pretty foul mouthed"... Shocked

My dear Farquar (I'll call you that from now on, more appropriate than "that guy" methinks), anywhoo Farquar I never knew that in LaLaLand where you obviously live that...

There was a commandment of law passed that states Mac users "can't be foul mouthed" !!! No

I don't recall ever seeing it written anywhere that Mac users are forbidden to use foul language !!! Surprised

Can't say I've ever met anyone or heard it said that Mac users are not permitted to use foul language !!! WTF

(is it in the smallprint somewhere in the licence agreement !!!)... confused

Thank you though for confirming a long held belief of mine that most Mac users are a bunch of toffee nosed gits who only purchase Macs as a sad status symbol and for poncing around like fairies at the local wine bar... Very Happy

Seem a shame that all that money Mater & Pater spent buying their wittle darlings an education has gone to waste on such prats who can only get by in life thanks to Mater & Pater with a trendy Apple gadget held out proudly for all to see wherever they go, just so they can pretend to be intelligent... Rolling Eyes

Well Farquar, I'll bet Pater will see you allright through life's perilous journey as he has armed you to the teeth with all the latest igadgets and set you up with a nice boardroom seat on one of his posh friends companies... Wink

Hope Pater has emplyed a flunky from the local village for you to follow you around and switch on your igadgets when the needs arises, as I understand that may be a wee bit too difficult for you to manage on your own... Laughing

In the meantime the only advice I can give you to help you on life's weary journey is...

Awa n bile yer heid ya tube ye... Puke



The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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