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Go down  It's Only Taken 4 Months But It Happens Today (Weather Permitting)... [Page 1 of 1]


Wow only 4 months after the much overhyped and ground breaking news that CUSA announced, it looks like tomorrow is the big day.. Surprised

(Mind you tomorrow in CUSA terms could mean anything from 4 months to two years)... Rolling Eyes

CUSA Massive Announcement... Nearly There...

(sorry bout the time it takes for that link to appear but there site seems to be the slowest one on the net, think they must be using on of their new miggies to run it)... Sad

I wonder what this "Massive Announcement" will be... Surprised

Could It be... Question

Barry boy finally admitting he's an ex-New Yawk gangster , who turned stool pigeon and had to flee to the everglades and set up an alternate identity as a lowly furniture store owner... Paranoid

Could It be... Question

Leo and Barry had some bizarre secret affair and Dammy is the love child product of that illicit and strange happening... Shocked

Could it be... Question

Moochy is finally revealed as the brains behind the whole operation and the ultimate plan is nothing to do with computers but a sneaky plot for dogs to gain the right to vote and not be slapped on the snout with rolled up newspapers when they poop & piddle all over the carpet... Crying or Very sad

Or could it possibly be... Wink

Just the usual hype & utter bollocks, with fake & stolen photos of another overpriced off the shelf PC plastered in Commodore & Amiga badges running a version of Linux or Mint that's had a couple of scripts added and labelled as the new & latest Commodore OS... rofl

Roll on tomorrow... I really can't wait, honestly... in the meantime I think I'll go watch some paint dry... now that's exciting... Smilie

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


Guess it's no surprise that you should go to this thread... Wink

rofl CUSA CRAPS OUT... YET AGAIN... rofl

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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