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Go down  CUSA CRAPS OUT... YET AGAIN... [Page 1 of 1]


They may not produce any real Amiga stuff or any real Commodore stuff but CUSA have on thing that's in common with all the grave robbers that dragged the Commodore name into the gutter... their full of bullshit just like all the others... rofl

Leo Locks The Thread Now That The Customers Are Pissed Off With CUSA...


Aint it freekin sad and pathetic, they string along their customers and potential customers for 4 months with the bullshit promise of a "Massive Announcement", pink lint the forums with the crap about it (especially Spammy) and when their rather slow customers finally notice not a lots happening they lock the thread and tell them to wait again... rofl

Hey CUSA customers & potential customers, now you know you've been led up the garden path, grow a set of balls would you and tell them to fuck off and stick their overpriced PC's straight up Barry's arse (be careful to remove Dammy's tongue and Leo's nose first)... rofl

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


Good to see most folk are now seeing through Barry Altman and his CUSA crap for what it really is, reckon the truth must've finally dawned on them after they were dumb enough to buy his fake C64's... :-)

Oh we'll better late than never I suppose... Smilie

Sensible People Speak Out At Last (mostly)...

Course there are still one or two total dickheads peeing their pants with excitement cos it's got the Amiga name on it (whoopty-friggin-doo) but they can't help being retarded I suppose... Wink

Think I'll start churning out some off the shelf crap PC's myself and buy some of those Amiga & Commodore stickers you can get on eBay or Boing Ball badges from AmigaKit, seems like there's still enough muppets out there who will pay anything if you stick the Commodore or Amiga names on a pile of shite... easy money... Very Happy

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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