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Go down  Middleman Paves The Way For Barry's Takeover Bid... [Page 1 of 1]


Seem like the loony tune & un-genuinely I wanna be all round Mr nice guy Middlman is the new Dammy replacement over on, sent in to pacify the CUSA haters and pave the way for Barry boys big takeover bid... Surprised

Totally Insane Or Clever Ploy...

Middleman Paves The Way For Barry's Takeover Bid... Middleman03

Modern Amiga is coming back via the efforts of CUSA... WTF

Your delusional mate... rofl

the real beesknees... CRAP

Yup... you're insane and nuttier than a fruitcake... Crazy

Lead developer of CommodoreOS... Pancakes

Wow, he wrote a couple of scripts for a Linix/Mint port, really good credentials to be called a "Lead developer eh... clown

Guess your 30bucks was a cheap and easy way in to set you up as the failed rational version of Dammy... Wink
So that you can preach to the sinners and get them to repent and follow the word of the almighty one himself Barry Boy before he finally buys out Tedds beloved with a site full of fully paid up converts ready to sing the praises and bow down the almighty CUSA and it's deity Barry Boy... rofl

Gawd I've come across some right retards in the past two years on the net but you Middleman are either genuinely totally delusional and actual believe the shite you drivel or you're genuinely delusional and think normal people will buy the shite you drivel and actually trust you... Rolling Eyes

Only thing that can be guaranteed here is the fact that your stark raving mad no matter which way you look at it... cyclops

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
I don't get it.

1) What's in it for CUSA?

2) Those who are pro CUSA, do they see some long term plan that the rest of us don't or do they appreciate being offered a cheap PC in an "Amiga" case with a Apple-esque markup and made-in-china levels of tech support? Is their current product lineup the modern equivalent of the Joyboard or whatever the original Amiga dudes publicly stated they were making when they were working on the OCS Amiga 1000?

2a) If CUSA represent a long term gain for people who are interested in actual Amiga stuff what is it? What can CUSA do that the community would want? Provide funding? License the Amiga brand on to the likes of Natami? Pay for Natami to bake their N68070 then supply some sort of Amiga bridgeboard to their x86 "Amiga" customers and partner with Jens for Accelerators for classic amigas?

3) Given that Apple and Samsung have just spent $400 Million on legal fees fighting about IP infringement in Android and are now looking to settle and that Apple has more money then the US Government is it really a good idea to sell products that look a bit Appley? Presumably Apples legal team will be looking for something else to do soon.

I just can't make sense of any of it. Either those people that have been invited to Barry Altmans Chocolate Factory have decided that a PC with Amiga written on the case is just what they've always wanted or they've been bought by CUSA or they've been told of a long term CUSA plan that they can get behind and none of those seem even remotely likely to me.

Ah well. There surely are some things that I'll never understand.

I should add that the performance graphs on that N68070 a.k.a Apollo Core page may not be representitive of actual tested performance and could well be purely for illustrative purposes. I don't think that page was meant for public consumption at this stage. see here.


No one get's it... Crazy

It would seem Barry Altman and CUSA just sprung up out of the blue with the sole intention of pissing everyone off that he could... mad

Apart from trying to cash in on the retro thing (which to be honest is fair enough in business) the craziest thing about it all was he failed miserably at it by alienating right from the start the very people who were more likely to be interested in retro stuff... Crazy

And he claims to be a successful businessman... Rolling Eyes

the whole things fucked up just like Barry & CUSA is now... Wink

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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