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Go down  Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Doesn't Know What An Amiga Is... [Page 1 of 1]


This guy has to one of dumbest SOB's ever to infect the Amiga scene... clown

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde On WTF

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Doesn't Know What An Amiga Is... HayWirePC01

For the past two years now he's made more schizophrenic posts on than the Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde annual fan club get together... rofl

One minute he's praising CUSA to the hilt the next thing he's saying how much he'd wish Barry would die and CUSA you be napalmed with a few nukes thrown in for good measure... CRAP

Oi... retard... yes you HayWirePC (appropriate name by the way), I'm talking to both of you... you are an arsehole of the first order (that's not something to be proud of by the way), It's obvious you aint got a scooby doo about the Amiga so please take your loony tune ramblings to an appropriate site or and stop posting non Amiga gobshite on Puke

Feck me, is bad enough these days without both of you gibbering crap about some dumb Linux/ Mint OS that's got as much in common with the Amiga as you do, you freeking spangle... Puke

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


A Wee Bit Chatty
A Wee Bit Chatty
Funny I marked this one too. I thought this guy was a "semi-sane" amigan but this post contradicts heavily on his earlier/afterwards posts he made about Amiga and the-company-whos-name-shall-not-be-mentioned...
Strange I say...

A1200 Blizzard PPC - D-Box tower **MediatorTX+Voodoo3+OS3.9 (BoingBag powered)**

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