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Go down  It's That Time Of Year Again On… The Loonies Are Out… [Page 1 of 1]


Dunno why but it's always about this time of of year that on the loony tunes come out in force and start rambling complete and utter blatant gobshite on… Crazy

Take this thread for example…

Is there any real use for 128MB on classic Amiga?

Some bamstick called "Faerytale" asked that question and tried to 'justify" it with…

"Whdload machines seems to be ok with 2-4 MB of ram."

Yup 4Meg can be fine if you're brain dead & retarded and all you want to do is play mind numbing games and never actually use your Amiga for actual computing… which begs the question… why ask in the first place if you are happy with 4Meg and never actually do anything useful on your miggie… clown

I can easily use up an average of 180Mb of ram on my 256Mb equipped Amiga simply editing & creating audio files, or editing 24 Bit photos, heck it would be great to have at least 1GB of ram just for mounting CD images or over 4GB of ram to mount DVD images…

but as you can't actually go beyond 256Mb of ram with any of the expansion boards ever made for the miggie then 256Mb will have to do…

Thing is, if you do nothing but play games and they run fine with 4Mb of RAM (which most do) and you never actually do anything useful with your miggie then be happy with that and don't annoy the grown ups with dumb arsed questions about something that is beyond your comprehension… stupid game playing git... Rolling Eyes

Then there's this thread...

is this price crazy?

It has been invaded by a "newbie" going by the name of "Mightyzorlac" from London who is whining like a big girls blouse that he and his cheapskate mates are being priced out of the Amiga market in a conspiracy by the "elite"… Paranoid

NEWSFLASH… for "MightyZorlac"… sure eBay Prices can be high & even seem crazy at times but it's not a conspiracy by some secret sect of "elitists" to stop you buying things, it's simply the law of "supply & demand", you paranoid moron… Rolling Eyes

People genuinely wanting something will pay what they consider a fair price for something (even if to you or even I it seems crazy)... Surprised

Those on eBay who regularly outbid you and then try to sell the stuff they buy at twice the price very rarely ever actually get the price they are asking and for the most part end up having to lower it to sometimes less than the price they paid for it… Wink

You can't get ripped off on price on eBay unless you are a complete and utter twat and actually buy something at a price you consider to be a rip-off… idiot… Rolling Eyes

If you're just a miserable skinflint (which obviously you are) then you aint got nothing to whine about as you're never going to buy anything at these "rip-off prices" are you (unless you really are a twat)... Wink

Things only sell at what people are willing to pay for them, it aint a charity set up to keep tightwads like you in cheap gear, if you wan't stuff you have to pay at least what others who want that stuff are willing to pay, if one of those re-sellers are involved in the bidding then bid him up in the knowledge he will overpay the going rate for it and will waste weeks trying to sell it at twice the price and then buy it off him when he finally has to lower the price back to what you would have paid for it in the first place… Smilie

If you want to whine about something on eBay then whine about the genuine greedy sellers who try to put the price they want for an item in the P&P costs to avoid paying eBay some of their charges for the service they provide... those are the greedy ones that are ruining eBay... Mad As Hell

It aint rocket science, it aint an elite conspiracy but it sure as hell aint a charity for skinflints... rofl

PS: And before you go thinking it, I don't sell anything on eBay and never have, I buy... I buy stuff that I want for my own use and pay the going rate for them, try it sometime instead of whining about Amiga prices while I'll no doubt bet not even considering the amount of money you waste on PC hardware or games for other platforms... Wink

(Anyone else ever notice that at this time of year the nutters seem to come out in force)... WTF

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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