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Go down  Barry Altman Is Running Scared... [Page 1 of 1]


Posted on by Middleman on behalf of Barry Altman who is obviously too scarred to speak himself...

Barry Begs For Peace And Other Miracles...

From Barry:

Please post this in reply to VOX's recent post. It was actually posted a while ago, but it got lost and no one really even commented except maybe one comment. It is very important that these "opposition" camps to realize that most of what they think our intentions are, are really incorrect, I think this statement, which has been on our site from day one, needs to be posted as a very important FACT regarding our intentions, our outlook on the future, and most importantly, our desire to engage all the factions, and try to bring consolidation to a very disjointed community. Only through civil dialog can this be achieved. Yes, we did have some missteps early on. We are human..and share your passion and zeal. Lets try to focus now on what can realistically be accomplished, and finally end all this insane behavior...and move forward. I'm ready...are you?

Yup sure Barry boy, we believe you want to have everyone all kissing and making up because it's your "desire to engage all factions"... rofl

Could the real truth be that you are crapping your drawers right now over the hammering you took on all the tech review sites and forums over your Amiga Mini press release and you're now up shit creek without a paddle... Wink

The only facts that were posted on your site from day one, were you were condoning piracy by pointing out to potential buyers of your fake C64 that they could get all the games they wanted for free from the net. The fact that you were using other peoples artwork without permission. The fact you were announcing your versions of Workbench and Amiga OS which you don't have the rights to use and so had to use Linux which you try to call "Commodore Vision"... Rolling Eyes

"Insane behaviour" !!!, "Passion" !!!, "Zeal" !!!... is that what it was when you told us all that we weren't your target audience and you couldn't care less what we think and we'd better get used to it, not to mention the homophobic, racist and unhealthy obsession you have with other people wives & sex lives on which you so eloquently posted in the past... Surprised

You failed big time Barry and now here you are begging at the feet of all those you chose to insult and dismiss as you desperately try not lose every last penny you've blown on your epic failure that is (or should I say was) CUSA... rofl

Be sad to see you disappear from the scene as it's been better that most of the stuff on the telly but I'm sure after about a week the names Barry Altman & CUSA will just be another thing folk in the future will look back upon and have right good laugh at, as is the tradition of all the grave robbers who thought they could make a quick buck on the Commodore legacy... rofl

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie


Had to laugh at this post made by the whacked out nutjob and interloper "Middleman" under a thread he titled "OMG"... rofl

OMG... Middleman really is retarded...

Erm... in case you hadn't realised by now "Steven" AKA "HayWirePC" is onviously a wee bit of a schizo... Shocked

One minute you will find him (either one of him) posting how much hates CUSA then the next minute you will find one of him posting about how much he loves them... Crazy

Take what the only person to comment in that thread says "thank you wow amazing news !!!!" and extract from that the irony of his reply and maybe, just maybe you'll understand you made a right arse of yourself with that post... Wink

You really are a nutjob aren't you Middleman... Very Happy

The Amiga Lives As Long As You Want It To...Smilie

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